Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Bread Is Just Raw Toast - If you have ever spent more than a day with me you will know of my love affair with toast - to the point that I will not buy bread for fear of eating the whole lot in one sitting. One of the most wonderful moments of my weekends visiting my parents is sitting at the breakfast table with some tea and a plate full of toast in front of me, jam pot on one side of my plate, butter dish on the other. A guaranteed way to my heart? Offer to make me some.

A Little Laid Back - These days I'm a little low maintenance (read lazy) and so I have become enamored with the 'messy ponytail', the rough around the edge, morning after, I'm too cool to care kinda look. I have to warn you though... this look does not combine well with a 'couldn't care less' fashion attitude - I always make sure that my nails are well polished and my make up looks fresh in order to avoid the bag lady tag.

Mug Shot - Eating food out of an oversized mug is one of my simple guilty pleasures. I get a lot of satisfaction out of being able to cradle my food in my hand, fingers threaded through the handle. My own little portion of happiness. Some of the best foods for your mug - fruit, cereal, noodles, ice cream, parfait, soup, the list is endless...

Honourable Mentions - hearing the truth, ice cream sandwiches, waiting for strawberry season to arrive, eyebrow pencils that glide on without smudging, the most amazing slice of mushroom pizza on the way home from a Saturday night out on the town, Clint Mansell soundtracks, oversized knits, time on my own, this song, friends who hide presents in my handbag for me to find later on, balloons with my name on them

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