Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can You Question The French?

... or is it? 

I've been to Paris, and it was beautiful. It was romantic. It was an architectural dream. It was also very, very cliched.

How about... ... Edinburgh is always a good idea, or Copenhagen, or Istanbul, or Monaco.

Why is it always Paris?


  1. I don't know if I could question them!
    I absolutely loved my time in Paris. I thought it was beautiful and not at all cliche. That being said, it was a city I had dreamt of seeing since I was a little girl, and I also had the fortune of getting off the beaten path while I was there. I feel like I got to taste Paris like a real Parisian would, and that was amazing to me.
    Perhaps Paris is always mentioned because it is well known? Maybe it has a bit of a reputation. :P

  2. Monaco would be divine...or Venice x

  3. @sing-siren-sing - I completely agree that Paris is beautiful and I would definitely go back again but I wish that people could expand their horizons past the French capital