Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Spring Sun - the first of March brought beautiful sunshine to my corner of the world. It may be watery, it may be short lived but it welcomed with open arms and pasty legs. My vitamin D deprived body is delighted to finally have some warm sun on its shoulders and an excuse to put on some shades.

Time - I have come to cherish time off. It is so rare at the moment.

Comfort - food that is. Recently I've been craving mashed potato, roast chicken, poached eggs, rice pudding, warm fresh bread... all comfort food just the way your mum makes it. It's never really the same when you make it yourself, is it?

Honourable Mentions - grey and mustard outfits, this perfect LBD, these beautiful shoes and this clutch, pretending to be admonished by the overly public displays of affection from a bunch of American girlies but secretly feel a little special, hot tea, Fashion TV, watching re runs of Friends with friends, Ritter Sport Mini bars (especially the marzipan and almond creme bars),eating ice cream out of a glass tumbler,


  1. Cute post!! ANd boy an I hungry for eggs Florentine now!!
    Oh and isn't spring sunshine to die for!

  2. @whisty - you just can't beat a perfectly poached egg :)